Single Ply Roof Systems

Unlike built-up roofing, single ply roof systems employ just one layer of membrane material rather than several layers. They’re manufactured to include a polyester or fiberglass reinforcement layer and are highly flexible, strong, and stable. Similar to built-up roofing, though, single ply roofs are made for roofs with low to no pitch.

Single ply roofs are ideal for large roofing areas because there will be fewer seams in the application due to how large the sheets of material can be manufactured. They also generally are manufactured to include a layer of carbon black, which helps protect against UV rays.

Here are several reasons why single ply roofing might be right for you:

  • They resist acid rain, UV, and heat quite well.
  • They perform well under dramatic changes in weather.
  • They are made of lightweight products that come from a wide number of manufacturers.
  • They’re economically feasible.