New Construction

When it comes to new construction for a major commercial roofing project, we know the bidding process can be competitive. At Rock Roofing and Construction, we aim to be your best bid with our competitive pricing, reasonable time estimates, and reliable staffing. Whether you need new roofing construction on your commercial industrial facility or you’re looking to expand on existing roofing, we provide roofing services to meet your expectations.

Custom-tailored roofing solutions

We work closely with all of our clients to understand your construction needs. Do you need advanced waterproofing done in preparation for storms or heavy rain? Are you looking for durable, sustainable roofing systems to be more eco-friendly? Whatever your roofing needs, we design custom roofing solutions to suit your project, for the materials we select to the roofers we assign.

Full transparency and project monitoring

We keep our clients fully involved and informed on every step of their roofing construction. You’ll know exactly what our estimates are for and what we’re spending time and money on. Our experienced on-site project managers supervise every aspect of construction to keep the project moving forward smoothly. We also provide frequent photo documentation to reflect roofing progress to you and your investors.

Worksite safety and compliance

We prioritize safety for all involved in our new construction projects. We actively inspect the site for potential hazards and regularly perform safety audits to ensure our project remains OSHA compliant. We install appropriate site protection before starting any new roofing construction to reduce risk of damage to the property and thoroughly conduct site cleanup to remove any safety risks leftover.

For rock solid customer service and new roofing construction you can trust, contact us today.