Roof Restoration & Coating

Applying a roof coating system or choosing to restore a roof are both viable options for extending the life of your roof and improving its overall quality and value. Roof coatings serve as additional surface protection to prevent damage from the elements. On the other hand, roof restoration may be necessary when inclement weather has already damaged your roof beyond the typical repairs, or when you’d like to keep the roof of the building but need a roof renovation to make it functional and energy efficient. We can help you preserve the life of your roof while reducing energy consumption and reducing costs.

Roof Coating Systems

Applying a roofing coating system to serve as a protective barrier will greatly improve the quality of your roof. One popular coating system is Silicon Coating, which is a white, highly reflective roofing material that is applied to the roof. It’s used to help cool the roof, which in turn lowers energy costs, reduces air pollution, and extends the life of the roof. This equates to a higher return on investment, as well as faster payback for the owner.

There are a vast number of manufacturers to choose from that produce roof coatings, and most can be applied over any surface. When opt for a roof coating system, you’ll see the benefits including:

  • Energy bill savings
  • Energy star ratings
  • Lightweight material
  • Can be applied over almost any surface

Metal Roof Restoration

Stop rust and leaks and cool the building with our metal roof restoration. There’s no time-consuming fabric installation required, and the highly reflective finish coat is Energy Star certified.

Single Ply Restoration

Restore and preserve single membrane roofing systems with a cost-effective alternative designed to extend the life of your roof. Our single ply restoration provides protection against ultraviolet rays, stops shrinking, chalking, and seam deterioration, eliminates water penetration, and lowers the roof temperature, which aids in lowering energy costs.

Asphalt Restoration

Reduce the cracking and deterioration in your asphalt roofing by restoring them with an elastomeric coating. They’re adaptable to nearly any type of membrane, they lower roof temperature, and they can be added to new or modified asphalt for immediate protection against the weather, harmful ultraviolet rays, and chemical deterioration.